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You guys this is me! Some customers came into the Red Dog today and said they had seen me on TV, and wanted to come in and meet me and take a shot. I did this interview maybe 4 years ago and didn't know if anything had ever come of it, I still had their business card, so I found the clip online. How fun!! Seriously, I have the best job, The Red Dog is magic. June Bridals prom wearing which backtrack to 1920 # reddogsaloon # reddogak # duckfarts # howdoyoumakeaduckfart # twofortheroad # juneaualaska # alaskajamie

VIDEO: Taste of Alaska: How to Make a Duck Fart It's the national drink of Alaska! And we enlisted a bartender at Juneau's famed Red Dog Saloon to show us how to make a Duck Fart. And how to do it