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Wow very informative for my m.s.ers ..I'm looking into other ways to balance my white n red blood cells as for those who don't know..too active white blood is the main issue doctors immune system was too strong so they used chemo for many years to regulate it since it was eating holes in my brain..I was like w.t.f. but after 9 years it stabilized and i believe there are some clues here that will be beneficial..I'm not going to get into a rant as to the thought of w ... hy the medical word has no answers for us...its just not right so I'm going to share what helps me...the doctors said I should be a vegetable according to my M.R.I.s but I'm far from that now..very close years ago...they says I shouldn't be able to bear my weight..due to over 5 yrs in an electric chair..and I can..they said I'd never get back the things I'd loose..and had lost slot like the ability to move my toes..bend my knees and the ability to walk for over 5 years..they lied.. June Bridals red and ruby wears for prom party
It's taken me 3 years to learn to walk some again..I can do short outings now without my's far from's really challenging..kinda dangerous..definitely hurts this broken up body..but so worth it to bring hope to those of you..who may not have had any left..I know..I been there..fearfully to no longer live there..much love many..too many to name

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Optimal White Blood Cell Ranges and How to Increase or Decrease Them - Selfhacked White blood cells are a type of immune cell that helps fight against infections and other diseases. You should learn how to increase or decrease WBC