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Most of you who have been close to Tyson know he was adopted at a very young age. A few years ago we got in touch with his biological sister, Alisha. She and I have talked a lot over the last 4 years and knowing her gave Tyson a link to his biological family and heritage. Even 1,000 miles away and never meeting in person, she's a friend and my sister-in-law. She had her 37th birthday on June 28, the day after Tyson turned 35. We were told yesterday that, on the evening of Ju JuneBridals colored wedding wears for over size ladies ... ly 3rd, she died of cardiac arrest. She and her husband have 3 children, 2 still at home (13 & 9?).

I promote natural remedies to most ailments when at all possible. She had posted, the morning of the 3rd, asking if anyone knew dosing of calcium citrate to counteract a magnesium overdose. Their belief is that the magnesium caused her heart failure.

It may have been a mild overdose and not something she, or most people in that situation, considered to be a big deal and was simply taking a precautionary measure. It's easy to do that with most anything. But take vitamins, herbs, oils, and other natural treatments seriously.

Meanwhile, your thoughts and prayers for her family would be appreciated. Their oldest son is truly devastated by her death and reacting quite severely. Her husband is struggling with the loss of his wife and the changes and requirements that come along with losing the mother of his children. The 4th of July will certainly never be the same for them.

I am saddened that we will never have the opportunity to visit her. I am saddened that her children will have to live the rest of their lives without her. I am saddened that Tyson has lost his last link to his biological family since he just found out his biological mother had passed this past Christmas. The loss of one life impacts many, both near and far.

Any who would like to help with the funeral expense may do so here:

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