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Yet another year looms upon us! Suggestions for next years Pastafarian Colander are only possible for the next day or two. Below is last year's Colander. Please don't make any obvious suggestions (such as Talk Like A Pirate Day). You could cut and paste to a Word doc to easily search. cocktail dress 2019
If you suggest a movable feast such as Ramendan, suggest a date.
Pastafarian Calendar of 'Special' Days 2018
Jan 1st Another Friggin Year Day
Jan 2nd Swiss Cheese Day
Jan 3rd Macaroni Art Day
Jan 4th Spaghetti Day
Jan 5th International Sarcasm Day
Jan 6th British Comedy Quotes Day
Jan 7th Say No to Origami Day
Jan 8th Bubble Bath Day
Jan 9th Extra Cuddles Day
Jan 10th Peculiar People Day
Jan 11th Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Day
Jan 12th Penne for Your Thoughts Day
Jan 13th Sceptics Day
Jan 14th Wear a Colander Day
Jan 15th Unicorn Day
Jan 16th Nothingness Appreciation Day
Jan 17th International No Farting Day
Jan 18th Egg Juggling Day
Jan 19th Procrastination Day Tomorrow
Jan 20th Marx Brothers Quote Day
Jan 21st Ravioli Day
Jan 22nd Laugh at Life Day
Jan 23rd Get Your Tongue Round Some Linguine Day
Jan 24th Invent a God Day
Jan 25th Burns Night
Jan 26th The Apocalypse
Jan 27th Llama Day
Jan 28th Black Pepper with Everything Day
Jan 29th Curmudgeons Day
Jan 30th Exercise Your Brain Day
Jan 31st Honey Badger Avoidance Day
Feb 1st First of Fettuccine February
Feb 2nd Groundhog Day
Feb 3rd Totally Random Day
Feb 4th Annoy the Neighbours Day
Feb 5th Grin and Bare it Day
Feb 6th Self Stimulation Day
Feb 7th Just Another Day Day
Feb 8th Avoid Asparagus Day
Feb 9th Out an Alien Day
Feb 10th Paradoxically Non-paradoxical Day
Feb 11th Bounce on the Bed Day
Feb 12th Darwin Day
Feb 13th Tortellini Day
Feb 14th Pretend to be Romantic Day
Feb 15th Drink More Wine Day
Feb 16th Platypus Pondering Day
Feb 17th Hopping Day
Feb 18th Navel Appreciation Day
Feb 19th Lentil Sauce Day
Feb 20th Levitation Day
Feb 21st Seize a Sausage Day
Feb 22nd Pirate Garb Day
Feb 23rd Remember the Alamo Day
Feb 24th Hug a Ghost Day
Feb 25th Octopus Enjoyment Day
Feb 26th Lost Pen Day
Feb 27th Silly Hat Day
Feb 28th Evil Clown Day
Feb 29th Refuse to believe in this day day
Mar 1st Narwhal Day
Mar 2nd Tagliatelle Day
Mar 3rd Mulled Wine Day
Mar 4th Random Day
Mar 5th Momofuku Ando's Birthday
Mar 6th Fusilli Day
Mar 7th Contradiction Day (No it's not!)
Mar 8th Annie Bonny's Birthday
Mar 9th Erotic Dancing Day
Mar 10th Wooden Leg Polishing Day
Mar 11th Douglas Adams Birthday
Mar 12th Cuddle a Cop Day
Mar 13th Cthulhu Contemplation Day
Mar 14th Pi Day
Mar 15th Aardvark Appreciation Day
Mar 16th Kinky Underwear Day
Mar 17th St. Patricks Day Excuse
Mar 18th Vodka Day
Mar 19th Only 287 Drinking Days till 2019
Mar 20th Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
Mar 21st Vivian Stanshall Remembrance Day
Mar 22nd International Anatidaephobia Sufferers Support Day
Mar 23rd Pansexual Quantum Toaster Day
Mar 24th Slightly Silly Day
Mar 25th Manatee Appreciation Day
Mar 26th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Mar 27th Paella Day
Mar 28th Meatball Appreciation Day
Mar 29th Cocktail Hour Every Hour Day
Mar 30th Poke Things with a Pointy Stick Day
Mar 31st Survived Another Month Day
April 1st All Fools Day
April 2nd Existential Angst Day
April 3rd Doris Day
April 4th Feast of No Saints Day
April 5th Pizza Day
April 6th Beware of Lizard-men Day
April 7th Inner Wombat Contemplation Day
April 8th Red Wine Day
April 9th Cook Couscous Day
April 10th Alfredo Sauce Day
April 11th Cheese Fondue Day
April 12th Naughty Noodle Day
April 13th Believe in Fairies Day
April 14th Look up at the Sky Day
April 15th Banana Day
April 16th Sea Monkey Soup Day
April 17th Haiku Day
April 18th Nihilism Day
April 19th Lager Day
April 20th Intergalactic Alien Solidarity Day
April 21st Boring People Baiting Day
April 22nd Earth Day
April 23rd Cynical Bastards Day
April 24th Hairball Awareness Day
April 25th World Penguin Day
April 26th Hug a Librarian Day
April 27th 86400 Seconds Day
April 28th Blueberry Pie Day
April 29th Achieve Enlightenment Day
April 30th Celebrate Hitlers Death Day
April 31st Masturbating Yak Day
May 1st No Pants Day
May 2nd Scurvy Awareness Day
May 3rd Confuse a Cat Day
May 4th Star Wars Day
May 5th Ferret Day
May 6th Bruces Appreciation Day
May 7th Ramen Day
May 8th Whip Someone with a Wet Noodle Day
May 9th Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 10th Mutant Awareness Day
May 11th Salvador Dali Day
May 12th Quokka Day
May 13th Buttocks Day
May 14th Intergalactic Monty Python Day
May 15th Ramendan Day
May 16th Tree Hugging Day
May 17th Single Malt Whisky Day
May 18th Russell's Teapot Day
May 19th Bolognese Sauce Day
May 20th Find a New Fetish Day
May 21st Ponder Pointlessness Day
May 22nd Biological Diversity Day
May 23rd Tortoise Day
May 24th Mollusc Day
May 25th Towel Day
May 26th World Hunger Day
May 27th Weasel Tossing Day
May 28th Amnesty International Day
May 29th Bum Bumping Day
May 30th Random Act of Kindness Day
May 31st Insect Appreciation Day
June 1st Go Barefoot Day
June 2nd Laugh Like a Bad Guy Day
June 3rd Mushroom Sauce Day
June 4th Cougar Day
June 5th Doughnut Day
June 6th Adopt a New Phobia day
June 7th Captain Jack Sparrow Impersonation Day
June 8th Be Annoyingly Cheerful Day
June 9th Bathe in Marinara Day
June 10th Flirting Day
June 11th Fish Day
June 12th Be Paranoid Day
June 13th Green Day
June 14th Bourbon Day
June 15th Bad Joke Day
June 16th World Meat-free Day
June 17th Contact an Old Friend Day
June 18th Now Panic Day
June 19th Martini Day
June 20th World Juggling Day
June 21st World Humanist Day
June 22nd Marinara Sauce Day
June 23rd Parrot Pondering Day
June 24th Sexual Fantasy Day
June 25th Seafarer Day
June 26th Carbonara Day
June 27th Blue-Footed Booby Day
June 28th Tickle Day
June 29th Pointless Activity Day
June 30th Just Another Day Day
July 1st Any Bloody Excuse Day
July 2nd Pesto Sauce Day
July 3rd Strange Urges Day
July 4th Build a Scarecrow Day
July 6th Macaroni Day
July 7th Cannelloni Day
July 8th Meatball Appreciation Day
July 9th Invent a Word Day
July 10th Pi┼ła Colada Day
July 11th World Population Day
July 12th Surrealism Day
July 13th Spot the Loony Day
July 14th Sheep Appreciation Day
July 15th Ferret Down Your Trousers Day
July 16th Bobby Henderson's Birthday
July 17th Skinny Dipping Day
July 18th Waterpistol Day
July 19th Daiquiri Day
July 20th National Lasagne Day
July 21st Primavera Sauce Day
July 22nd Contemplate the Cosmos Day
July 23rd Free Hugs Day
July 24th Expensive Hugs Day
July 25th Hot Fudge Sundae Day
July 26th White Wine Day
July 27th Say No to Negativity Day
July 28th Try a New Cheese Day
July 29th International Beer Day
July 30th Parmesan Day
July 31st Dress Up Day
Aug 1st Cartoon Day
Aug 2nd Vermicelli Day
Aug 3rd Postmodernism Day
Aug 4th Dancing in Your Underwear Day
Aug 5th Putanesca Sauce Day
Aug 6th Squirrel Spotting Day
Aug 7th Intergalactic Intercourse Day
Aug 8th International Goat Day
Aug 9th Talk to Invisible Pixies Day
Aug 10th Lazy Day
Aug 11th Rum Quaffing Day
Aug 12th Vegetable Sauce Day
Aug 13th Listen To Reggae Day
Aug 14th Think about Infinity Day
Aug 15th Condom Day
Aug 16th Wave At The Surveillance Cameras Day
Aug 17th Gnocchi Gnawing day.
Aug 18th Poetry Day
Aug 19th Kiss Someone Day
Aug 20th Expensive Rum Day
Aug 21st Apologise Day
Aug 22nd Tarantula Teasing Day
Aug 23rd Appreciate What You've Got Day
Aug 24th Pluto Demotion Grieving Day
Aug 25th Whiskey Sour Day
Aug 26th Women's Equality Day
Aug 27th Udon Day
Aug 28th More Rum Day
Aug 29th Blobfish Day
Aug 30th Candle in a Winebottle Day
Aug 31st Alter Ego Day
Sept 1st Hobbit Remembrance Day
Sept 2nd Nipple Appreciation Day
Sept 3rd World No Haggis Day
Sept 4th Rock Appreciation Day
Sept 5th Yodelling Day
Sept 6th Diablo Sauce Day
Sept 7th The Apocalypse
Sept 8th Paradoxically Non-paradoxical Day
Sept 9th Ogle an Orchid Day
Sept 10th Albatross Appreciation Day
Sept 11th Tinfoil Hat Day
Sept 12th Nakedness Appreciation Day
Sept 13th Mosquito Avoidance Day
Sept 14th Despair for the Human Race Day
Sept 15th Irish Coffee Day
Sept 16th Cynicism Appreciation Day
Sept 17th Wear Purple Day
Sept 18th Amoeba Assimilation Day
Sept 19th International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sept 20th Sophia Loren Appreciation Day
Sept 21st Sarcasm Day
Sept 22nd Believe the Impossible Day
Sept 23rd Albino Appreciation Day
Sept 24th Cocktail Day
Sept 25th Any Port & Lemon in a Storm Day
Sept 26th Scrub the Poop Deck Day
Sept 27th Insult a Narcissist Day
Sept 28th Fictional Character Day
Sept 29th Double Entendre Day
Sept 30th Plan for 31st Sept Day
Oct 1st Agnolotti Appreciation Day
Oct 2nd Noodle Day
Oct 3rd Eccentricity Appreciation Day
Oct 4th Fortified Wines Day
Oct 5th Slightly Naughty Day
Oct 6th Happy Hour All Day Day
Oct 7th Quob Day
Oct 8th Tell Massive Lies Day
Oct 9th Knot Day
Oct 10th Rub Things on Your Lover Day
Oct 11th Play Nice Day
Oct 12th International Pastafarian Headgear Day
Oct 13th Arrabiata Sauce Day
Oct 14th Try a New Beer Day
Oct 15th Yet Another Noodle Day
Oct 16th Blue Whale Contemplation Day
Oct 17th Bum Biting Day
Oct 18th Irony Day
Oct 19th Try Not to Die Day
Oct 20th To Excess and No Further Day
Oct 21st Try Thinking Day
Oct 22nd Intergalactic Peeing Competition
Oct 23rd Strip for your Lover Day
Oct 24th Cider Appreciation Day
Oct 25th World Pasta Day
Oct 26th Onomatopoeia Day
Oct 27th Silly Walks Day
Oct 28th Extra Kinky Day
Oct 29thy Nut Day
Oct 30th Furry Animal Fondling Day
Oct 31st Halloween
Nov 1st Moustache Appreciation Day
Nov 2nd Dia de los muertos
Nov 3rd Small Furry Creatures Appreciation Day
Nov 4th Not the Zombie Apocalypse Day
Nov 5th Oral Sex Day
Nov 6th Learn a new swear word day
Nov 7th Tentacle Day
Nov 8th Appreciate Your Loved Ones Day
Nov 9th Common Sense Memorial Day
Nov 10th Look on the Bright Side of Life Day
Nov 11th Turn it up to Eleven Day
Nov 12th Drunk Creation Contemplation Day
Nov 13th Talk to Pigeons Day
Nov 14th Laugh like a Lunatic Day
Nov 15th Awkwardly Honest Day
Nov 16th Dodo Grieving Day
Nov 17th Al Dente Day
Nov 18th Embrace Chaos Day
Nov 19th World Toilet Day
Nov 20th Say no to Cannibalism Day
Nov 21st Register a Complaint Day
Nov 22nd Blackbeard Memorial Day
Nov 23rd General Debauchery Day
Nov 24th Undead Understanding Day
Nov 25th Lucy the Australopithecine Discovery Day
Nov 26th Racist Depreciation Day
Nov 27th Air Guitar Day
Nov 28th Blue Cheese Day
Nov 29th Cutlass Sharpening Day
Nov 30th Gnome Awareness Day
Dec 1st Marijuana Sauce Day
Dec 2nd Grog Guzzling Day
Dec 3rd International Say No to Selfies Day
Dec 4th Vibrator Day
Dec 5th Remember the Spanish Inquisition Day
Dec 6th Insult a Religious Fanatic Day
Dec 7th Holiday from Death Day
Dec 8th Garlic Bread Day
Dec 9th Beware the Kraken Day
Dec 10th International Human Rights Day
Dec 11th Shareware Piracy Day
Dec 12th Ice Cream Day
Dec 13th Monkey Appreciation Day
Dec 14th Cat Herding Day
Dec 15th Stupid Inventions Day
Dec 16th Beethoven's Birthday
Dec 17th Sloth Day
Dec 18th Underdog Day
Dec 19th Dalek Remembrance Day
Dec 20th Swashbuckling Day
Dec 21st Saturnalia
Dec 22nd Marco Polo Day
Dec 23rd Festivus
Dec 24th Egg Nog Day
Dec 25th 1st Day of Noodlemas
Dec 26th 1st Day of Leftovers
Dec 27th 3rd Day of Noodlemas
Dec 28th Only 4 Pasta-eating Days Left This Year Day
Dec 29th Yad sdrawckab
Dec 30th Get Drunk Early for Hogmanay
Dec 31st Hogmanay
Dec 32nd You're Drunk!