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I could use the help of social media.

I had my wedding dress from when I was getting married stored at my Dad’s.

Brand new $1,800 Oleg Cassini dress, with the ... tags still on.
My sister Chelsea and her boyfriend Nate stole and sold the dress.

Chelsea likes to sell things on Facebook. I need to know if anyone saw her post it for sale in any yard sale pages or anything.

If anyone knows anything please contact me at (603)273-2388 or the Franklin Police at (603)934-2535.

I have filed a police report and plan on pressing charges, but need ANY sort of leads in order to make that happen!

ETA: THANK YOU to everyone who has come forward about her stealing from them too. If we can get some sort of proof, we can put a stop to this once and for all.

ETA: I will reward someone $100 if they lead me to a screenshot or who the dress was sold to. I DON’T EVEN WANT THE DRESS BACK, I just want the proof, so I can press charges. country chic wedding dresses