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This is one of my favorite features of my # iPhone the random creation of "Best of Moments". I don't know what the creator's goal was with this feature--- but this simple features causes me to pause and take a glimpse into my world from the outside looking in while processing from the inside looking out. discount mermaid siren style wedding wears

Well here's what I see:
*Family fun at the beach (Savannah, Ga)
*Cool Idea for my business (received in mail, saved for later)
*Midweek date night (my husband fell asleep on the movie...he didn't know I saw him)
*Me recording videos for a product launch
*Me preparing my list of *must-haves* for my in home studio (wish list item, Mr. Anderson has no clue....yet)
*My 17 year old daughter and my 74 year old Grandma (surprise birthday party for Grandma)
*My family is over me with the pics ( Hurley Tolbert III )
*Me trying new hair wrap and seeing if the makeup tutorial I watched for 1 hour really helped (my hair was wet and that wrap was hot)
*I found a pic in my phone of one of the many wedding dresses I tried on 2 years ago ( R Monic May talked me out of wearing seemed trendy to me # thankGodforrealfriends )
*sleepover with SIX 5-8-year old girls who came up with that idea?? ( Carolyn Jeffery )
*I love when I'm around family, they always comb my daughter's hair-not my forte (Thanks Victoria Baker )
*Me and my girls (they were so over me and the selfies)
*Me and my oldest princess (she's going off to college in 3 weeks)
*My brother and his nieces
*Family fun at the beach (I was too busy watching, praying, and snapping pics to play)
*Tired from all the fun they had (road trips are the best)
*while everyone slept I searched for a new cosmetic caddy to house all the makeup I purchased after my tutorial splurge
*Jada...that's all I can say about the fact she was sleeping in the trundle while her dolls slept in her bed
*Back-to-work -- networking lunch with a Soror
*Jasmine is tired from doing whatever teenagers do
*I had a great biz idea and couldn't sleep...pulled out my laptop, folders, pen, paper and my planner
*Late night shopping online for college essentials
*Date night with my man
* Video chatting with my sister who insists on making crazy faces while she talks to me ( Kimberly AlwaysSmiling Roberson )
*Proud wife moment (took my husband's usually the other way around)

Thanks # TeamiPhone this made my day. FYI, I love my 7plus

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