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Getting to sleep early tonight will be the challenge for us >> have to go out the door by 7:30am to drink the cup of *yick before 8:am for the Cat Scan to find out do I have Adrenaline Gland/Kidney Cancer at 9:am.
The links my friend gave me to read up on this, I realize I've had this "disease" since a little kid. And it's definitely the same my father had.

Even as a little kid I was aware that "something" welled up out of the pit of my stomach as an "urge" to just go do whatever the heck I felt like or wanted to do, totally disregarding the trouble I'd be in for doing it.
I've often mentioned that I spent my entire childhood "grounded" .

Began having cysts/tumors removed in various locations since early 1980s .. my early 30s. Even the tumors removed in recent years that were supposedly 'pre-skin-cancer' and now I wonder are the brain aneurysms actually buds of cysts or tumors wanted to start on my brain arteries .. but they do monitor the 2nd one that didn't rupture, and it hasn't grown any, so maybe not. gray style items to wear for the maid of the brides

I will be glad to have this removed & be out of pain, and possibly then no longer have High Blood Pressure nor tendencies toward Diabetes, as happened when my friend had hers removed 6 yrs ago. I hope!
And this pain has expanded with the addition to excruciating lower back pain is my whole right side, feeling like broken ribs & the pain shooting down my right butt cheek.
Altho another friend who had hers removed in February is still in all the pain, so she's going for more scans to find out why.