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Super FAST sewing & tailoring fitting clothing fixed by a caring specialist:

Call or text in KEY WEST available all the time: 305-395-9065

Do you need something fitted or fixed FAST? Gee (sarcasm) can’t you wait weeks or months for shops to milk you with a fake smile like a money cow just a number meal ticket foolishly thinking you need to go to a shop to do what exactly—pay their huge overhead expenses? My turn around time is same or next day—wow!

Instead, Come to the FAST caring specialist!

Guess what— I refuse to open a shop!

And I actually care!

Do you have a SPECIAL clothing item that does not FIT you right or needs a FIX? YOU are even more SPECIAL than your clothing, right! When sick, do you trust just any medical person or do you go to a specialist? I am your clothing fitting and fixing SPECIALIST—here’s why:

My special gift to this world, like Michelangelo’s rare ability to see the statue he was going to carve out of a square block beforehand, and like Superman’s x-ray vision, I can see through and diagnose your clothing problems regardless how it was made, like a doctor surgeon. Yet, you get to be ‘da boss, because I ask you what you want first and work with you to figure out the best way to fix and fit it perfectly to you, so you can both look and feel awesome!

My gift is rock-solid supported by decades of skilled expertise obtained as follows: No, I did not just take one “Home EC” class or even a degree from some fashion institute, and I certainly did not merely make one dress at home with my mom from a pattern then suddenly decree myself an expert seamstress. Geez. No, I had a needle in my hand as soon as I could hold one, and more importantly, I apprenticed ever since I was very young wherever my mom (a licensed tailor from Italy) was working, which ranged from cleaners to Brooks Brothers. So, I sponged up a huge data base of information years before I ever sewed anything there myself. Eventually all of THEM taught me quite an amazing diversity, including very specialized men’s custom tailoring, as well as high-end ladies apparel, all aspects of bridal, etc. My forte thus became highly-specialized fitting and fixing, so later on, I myself was employed by not just any mere sewing shop, rather very impressive classy and elegant Saks Fifth Ave and Brooks Bros. informal bridal wedding items With Lace

So, go ahead make my day—bring me any clothing item other people tell you can’t be done—let’s cut through those lies like butter (or a good lawyer—haha) and like Cinderella’s fairy godmother make your dreams come true...

Fear not sheer, sequined or rhinestoned dresses and I can even insert very comfy corset lace-up backs into wedding dresses and fancy gowns...

But feel free to also bring me everyday or simple things that can mean so much.

Don’t settle for anyone who has just one shop with limited hours etc. I am available all the time in various locations in Old Town KEY WEST. Instead of wasting your time listing all my locations and hours for you to read here, let’s make it more simple, right—just call or text me, tell me when you would like to come, and I will give you specific options where to find me then:

Call or text in KEY WEST: 305-395-9065.