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*TMI Post*

Has anyone gotten pregnant while on Nexplinon?

I went straight from a generic of Seasonique to the rod a because they were worried about my migraines and the estrogen cause blood clots after my second daughter (my girls are 18 mo apart). They said to wait 2 weeks to a month. We waited almost 3 weeks but I was leaving the state so we had sex. I got back and we had sex again about a week later. A couple, 2 or 3, days after the second time I had really light spotting ... for 3 or 4 days. A week later I feel miserable... cramping, nausea (more so then my typical eating disorder stuff- no not bulimic or anorexic), irritability, my migraines have returned, energy levels are all over the place, etc. Want to know how common pregnancy is with Nexplinon before worrying about taking a test or if it is more likely my body rejecting the meds. Also, this is about when, as many months, I got pregnant with my second. items for pregnant women to wear of the wedding

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