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**A night of firsts**
First ambulance call. ????
First ambulance ride. ????
First green whistle topped up with morphine. ????
First passing out from pain. ???? ...
First saline drip.
And all of that only to be a mystery to the doctors.... I'll need "House" if it occurs again. I have never before experienced such pain... (lower abdomen)...
But that is it... I'm putting my foot down... no more sickness I'm done for this year... well to be honest I've had about 3-5 years worth just this year.. and I'm over it all... now cross fingers the pain stays away... items to wear from china of the wedding ???? ???? ????
Thankyou Tayla for not leaving my side and Hannah and Ruby for getting Tayla to me.... and those who wanted to come be with me... love you all..... xx
I've never been so scared - ever!! Glad it appears to be over...

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