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Okay it's 455 I've had 3 cups of coffee time to shower and shine on I know I can do this I have a 7:15 doctors appointment with my otolaryngology how to get my cat scan results of my throat and a 9 appointment with my asthma doctor luckily I get to use the quote---

I get to -"kill two birds with one stone"- cuz, they are in the same Suite #- -"what are the odds of that"-
they made that easy!- why can't other doctors do that!-
Hopefully I'll be home by 10 a.m. then I got to ... call my insurance set up transportation for next week's doctor's appointments take a nap... my back hurts my body hurts my throat hurts really bad I can barely talk I have a lump in the right side of my throat and lesions under my tongue one doctor said they're malignancy lesions and that is where I'm at my specialist getting my results right now one freaking doctor said it was throat cancer so I have made peace with the fact that I'm a smoker and that I need to quit smoking cigarettes I hope for the opportunity to have a second chance and have no cancer and I know I need to quit smoking cigarettes so, with that in mind I need to find some positive things that relax me and let me know that it's going to be okay because I know that through the strength of Jesus Christ and the universe is ready for me to activate my special gifts so I know inside this cannot be cancer I just feel inside that I know I'll be given a second opportunity so this will be my testimony on why not to smoke and now I have pictures to show what smoking can do to your throat and your tongue in your mouth I cannot talk very well because of my throat swollen and the lesions under my tongue hurt like hell when I bite my tongue because my tongue is swollen But I did it to myself and thankfully I have a doctor Dr Jerald Altman at Valley ENT visit mixed color for bridesmaid wear of two tone or call 623-566-4718... dr. Altman is a ear nose and throat doctor a ENT... and also dr. Amy Shah.... she is my asthma doctor she is in the same sweet so together they are helping me with my medical issues and I'm very thankful so here goes nothing I'm going to go start my day everybody have a wonderful day-!

and don't forget "put the pep in your step"-
and let's do this!
We deserve good things because we do good things!

" love one another"-
is what John 3:11 says it is as simple as a friendly smile even-!....

And if you still can't do it say damn the devil get behind me Lucifer pray for strength and Heck if you still can't do and you feel a moment of weakness text me call me!!!!

we can do this together!

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