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I had a horrible night trying to get to sleep in this heat. I didn't want to run my air conditioner but I did run my fan. It wasn't enough. I felt like I was suffocating. It didn't help that the mosquitoes got to my legs and I was itchy on top of the heat. I don't have screens on my windows anymore because Charcoal tore them all down. So if I have the windows open, I have to deal with whatever bugs just want to fly in.

I was happy to get up this morning and drive straight to the park.

The last few times I ran without eating first, I felt sick and dizzy, so I ate before taking Misty for a short run. It was nice to be able to run in the shade of trees the whole way. On our second time around the loop, I was looking to see where a bunny went into the bushes when suddenly I heard a man's voice yelling. I looked up and squealed as I saw a group of mountain bikers heading towards us. I then laughed. I've never squealed like that before. They laughed too and apologized for startling me. I said, "No problem".

After the run, I donned my swimming suit and went down to the river. It didn't look very deep, nor was it very wide across, but it looked like the current was very strong. I also saw a sign on the way there that said no swimming or wading. I got in anyway and stayed close to the edge where I could easily stand up. When I tried to swim, I couldn't make any progress against the current. I anchored my feet and just did a swim in place for a work out.

There was a family reunion setting up near me. I suggested that if they had any kids they shouldn't let them get into that water. I spent some time chatting with the organizer of the event and found out that he had retired from working at a nuclear energy plant and the way he described his job I said, "Oh, like Homer Simpson?" He said, "Yeah, but my name happens to be Bart."

They invited me to their barbecue and I said thank you but I'm a vegan. Bart insisted that they had salads and other things, and I said OK I'll come check it out, because I know this was a nice invitation to visit. I fixed myself a sandwich and went over to join them. I found some potato chips that didn't have artificial flavors colors etc. and some raw vegetables. I had a great time visiting with various family members. They also invited another person to join them that was parked near me and look like he was living in his car. Very nice generous people. mother of the bride or groom dresses in gold color

Everyone was pretty entertained by Misty and especially Charcoal because he followed me everywhere. Charcoal even let people come up to him and pet him. I asked them if I could give my portion of meat to them. They were more than happy to share with Misty and Charcoal, and boy were they happy to receive.

The weather was so nice, I decided to stay there most of the day and then head out to the west end of Michigan to watch the sun set over the Great Lake, Michigan. The Keller family suggested I go to South Haven Beach.

I easily found a place to park a very short walking distance to the beach. There were signs posted here and there that RVs couldn't park in that area, but I did anyway. I figured it was late enough that I wasn't stealing parking spots from cars on a busy day.

I got out with Misty and Charcoal and walked around and took some pictures. I had a couple more hours until sunset so I went back to the RV and took a nap and finished up my photo cropping.

I wanted to see what the lake tasted like because it seems so strange to see such a large body of water that was not salty. I went down and took some pictures by myself then came back up and got Misty, and again Charcoal followed us around. Lots of people were entertained by both of them. They both allowed the strangers to come up and pet them.

I want to go back there again in the morning and go for a swim.