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I was blessed with this autographed jersey right after the 2004 draft and before training camp started that year. My wife at the time used to say that that jersey cost more than her wedding dress! In 2006 when Rivers became the starter we traveled to Baltimore on Oct. 1, 2006. I proudly wore my jersey and carried a sign with me. I wasn't allowed to take the sign in for they said it could be weaponized and could hurt someone ( evidently the rule of the stadium ) I am shown here standing in front of the Johnny Unitas statue there at the stadium. It was not long after that I remembered that Johnny U. ended his career in San Diego. I still wear my jersey on Sundays ( I have collected a couple of more by the way ) and I will retire my jersey proper once PR retires himself...until then I will continue to proudly wear it, where I am like the only Chargers fan where I live here in Surfside Beach SC. My favorite sports bar "Island Bar & Grill" will testify to that! BEAT THE RAVENS! not long dress in the beach for wedding use