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there's been a lot of talk lately about shonky firewood deliveries. Don't show up on time, green/wet wood.
At this time of year, $120-$150 per uteload works out at up to $700 per tonne, with 5-7 tonne per year needed.


When the conversation is not about firewood traumas, the discussion turns to why people chose to come to this area to live. Or remain.
Invariably it's not about the cheap real estate, temperate climate, or even proximity to the ocean.

People want to live here because of the perception of community.
They want to live where people give a shit about their neighbors (well most of 'em).
They want to live in a place that won't let a neighbor freeze for want of some decent heating.

To that end, I propose forming a co-op to manage, cooperatively, enough firewood for all at a manageable cost. Maybe twenty households. No more anguish about where, when, or even if the next load of wood is coming from.

It's not rocket surgery.
Just requires a bunch of people with varying skills and abilities to pool resources to the benefit of all.
We should be able to get the cost down to $500-$700 per year. Not per month, per year.

If we as a community can't get our collective shit together to work cooperatively and smoothly without acrimony or resentment, then we are doomed to live in a dog-eat-dog society where it's everyone for themselves, and bugger the rest. over 50 mature ladies collections for a cocktail party

And lest any objections be raised about doing someone out of a living, there must be 200-300 households in the vicinity, plenty for everyone. Maybe those shifty sellers will find something else to do, or, dog forbid, lift their game.

Waddya reckon?

And finally, this is not a whinge.
So Steve, relax, you don't have to post a flurry of old pics to prove you been here a while, and have something over all the pesky new-comers.

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