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ZEO GOLD Pumice is a mineral (Minerais), which is a special mineral stone from Crushed Glass Stone, which helps the soil to soak up water, reducing the loss of water from soil 40-80 kg / rai. The soil is getting better every year than using polymers that have been degraded by microorganisms for one to two years. But the soil is sustainable in the soil. Do not react with mortar. So mixed with organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers to sow simultaneously.
Packing size 20 kgs / bag
Add silica to the soil to make it absorbable. Silica if the plant sucked up. It will crystallize the cells in different parts of plants to make the plant cells hard. It makes the plant stronger. Reducing the fall of crops such as sugarcane, etc., to withstand the insecticide insecticide, saving costs of spraying pesticides and plant pathogens in the vegetable will keep the frame and store longer. Vegetables that have been silica less
Makes fertilizers dissolve faster as slow-fertilizing fertilizers. Reduce loss of fertilizer when water or rain leaked. Reduce plant blindness. Plants do not halt growth. Extend the next fertilizer period. It saves the cost of buying fertilizer. Be it chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers.
Destroy the toxins and freeze the toxins to harm the plants. For example, when we sprayed herbicides to let grass die and not come back in. Another crop that he advertised was extermination. The herbicide that we sprayed and buried in the soil was more likely to decompose, so we could not plant another crop at that time. If planted, the plant is not as good as it should be because of the effects of the herbicide. For plants may not be clear mushrooms. But for the aquarium, the mushrooms were clear during the preparation of water before the animals were released, it was found that the water coloring, or phytoplankton and plankton did not occur. Because there is a herbicide mixed with water we are going to aquaculture. petite items to wear for maid of the brides
Helps to improve soil structure. Protect the dry soil and help the soil to get better, loamy soil and gradually improve the soil, respectively.
How to use
Use single sown spread across the bush or sown, both converted using a rate of 40-80 kg / rai.
Mix chemical fertilizer at the rate of 1 part per chemical fertilizer.
Compost fertilizer at the rate of 1 part of fertilizer per 10 organic fertilizer
For potted plants, use 1-2 teaspoons of pots.
The result is that the plants get enough silica.
Reduce the fall of crops such as sugarcane, reduce leaf blight.
Reduce fertilizer waste from leaching of water.
Strong cell wall with silica Reduce insect and insect damage.
Longer yields, crispy crispy vegetables, and longer preservation.

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Written and Reported by: Jatujak Chancharoenphee (Academic), Non Organic College

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