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7 Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Front Entrance:

1.Clear clutter from your yard, pathway and front porch to allow energy to flow into your home.
2.Re-paint your front door a bright, cheerful color. Red is the feng shui color for prosperity and abundance. Green is the color of nature and money.
3.Place a tall, healthy plant on either side of your front door. They should not block the entrance. ...
4.Hang white lights around your front porch to attract attention to golden opportunities.
5.Install a water fountain on the right side of your main door to bring fortunate energy in every time you open the door.
6.Place a statue to bring stability and protection to your home. This can be a ceramic angel, a friendly animal, or a cultural or a religious artifact such as a stone Buddha. red color wears for a prom look sexy
7.Buy a colorful welcome mat. Imagine that the moment visitors step onto it, their love for you is heightened.

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