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Cinderella ?
FINALE ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

And the love story ends ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ella's pov
I covered my mouth and tears trickled down my face as Tyson walks inside and kneels in front of me.
"Ella Da Ville, am not good in romantic words so I'll go straight to the point...Will you do me the perfect honour of being my crazy partner for life till death....No not even death can separate us... Ella will you marry me "He said and brought out a ring.. school formal items to wear of the party
" Tyson" I said excitedly as he pulled my finger out and slipped the ring in..
" I...I..." I couldn't complete the sentence before he hugged me deeply...
"Ella I want you, please just say yes" He said and held my hands...
" Yes Tyson yes, I will marry you " I said and hugged him tightly..
" I love you Ella " He said
" I love you so much" he said using his hands to caress my hair..
"I love you too Tyson, I love.." He kissed me deeply and I reciprocated the kiss by shuffling my hands through his hair across his shoulders, while he dragged my waist closer and deepened the kiss...

6 months later..
Yayyyy am graduating from school..
I walk down the stairs and meet my mom, dad , twin brother and Tyson all smiling at me..
Today is our graduation and Tyson got the dress for me, like I can't believe a guy would actually pick a dress for me. .
"You look pretty dear" Mom said excitedly and Emmanuel lets out a weird laugh
"She's still ugly, very ugly" Emmanuel says and my dad frowns at me..
"Waste of makeup " Emmanuel says and runs out playfully. .
"Shall we" Tyson says and stretches out his arm..
"Yes..we..shall" I said and we walked outside..
"Take care of y'selves' mom yelled...
" You nervous?? " Tyson asked as he pulled over in front of the school gate..
"Yes" I said and swallowed. .
"Come on wife, you got this " he said and I glared at him..
"We're not yet married " I said and came out of the car..
Everyone looked all pretty and handsome..
All the guys were fondling their girlfriends and suddenly Tyson pulls me off the ground..
" Hey" I said as he carries me up..
"Come on, give me the honor of carrying the love of my life " he said and carried me inside the hall bridal style
*All ? on me*
The graduation speech, taking of pictures and other formal stuff took place..
Tyson was getting bored at everything, he already did his last year so I wasn't surprise...
The principal was making a speech and everyone was getting all impatient and annoyed due to the fact that the principal always takes time in talking..
Tyson picks up his phone and makes a call..
"You guys can come in now" he said and suddenly three masked guys came in with guns..
"Nobody move" one of them yelled and everyone started screaming, Tyson was looking unbothered..
"What did you do " I asked but he smirks..
They take the principal and other school authorities out of the hall. ..
"PARTY TIME " They yell and remove their masks, it was Brian, Jeremiah and one other guy...
"Tyson looks like your girlfriend is not really a brave girl aftwr all, the gun is even fake " he says and everyone laughs..
We all run outside to the dance hall and start having fun...
Queen walks to me nervously, she was holding a wrapped item in her hand..
"Hey can I see you for a sec" she yelled over the booming music. .
"Sure " I replied and we walked outside to where the music wasn't loud..
" I heard about you and Tyson, you guys are getting married after graduation" she said
"Yes we are " I replied confidently. .
"Take " she said handing me the object on her hand. .
"Hmmmm... be polite Miss" I said and she chuckled. .
"Fine, please I want you to have this " she said
"Thanks " I replied collecting from her..
"It's from dubai, I know we haven't been friends but I guess Tyson is yours " she said and walked out...
I walked back to the party and noticed Tyson was looking for me..
"Hey" I said
"Hey where have you been " he said
"I was. ..." I pointed at outside but he pulls me..
"There's something I want to show you " he said and ran outside. ..
We walked down the road and stopped at a particular place..
"What is it" I asked excitedly...
He walks at my back and covers my eyes..
"3,2..." he opens my eyes and points at the sky..
An image appears on a very large billboard and it starts showing the pictures of me and Tyson together...
TYSON CARSON LOVES ELLA DA VILLE was written bodly at the bottom..
"You butt" I said blushing. .
" I love you too " he said and carried me up..
"And I will love you forever" he continued while I just laughed...
A week later
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
"Mom how do I look " I asked as I walked outside the dressing room in my wedding gown..
"You look pretty dear, Tyson is very lucky to have you " she said smiling..
Emmanuel walks inside and covers his eyes..
"Oops am sorry, I came to tell you the groom is waiting " he said
"Am I naked, why are you covering your eyes" I asked
"Is it not bad luck " he asked. .
"That's for the groom stupid '' I said ..
"For your mind you're getting married while am still single " he said and walked outside...
"Mom I can't wear heels " I said
"You have to, you can't wear flat shoes to the wedding " she said. .
I don't know how to wear heels ? ? ? ? ? ? ...

Tyson's ? pov
I watched with joy as my beautiful bride walked down the aisle accompanied by her father, I noticed she was having hard time walking because of the heels...
I got down from the alter and carried my bride to the alter, everyone surprised some giggling..
The procession took place and I kissed my woman, the love of my life, my heart beat, my favourite bitch, my weed, my crazy partner...
I love you Ella, I love you so much. ...

We took our vows and greeted our parents. .
"Ella is very lucky to have you "Dad said
"No dad ,am the lucky man " I replied...
We entered the car and the driver drove us to the airport where we took the private jet to England. ....
We reached the hotel and I kept on staring at my wife for what seemed like hours. ..
" Thank you " I said
"For what " she asked
"For making me...." I couldn't complete my sentence before she pressed her sweet lips on mine. .
"Less talk more work husby " she said. .
"Really " I said and carried her up swiftly..
I dropped her on the bed gently and she let out a giggle...
We kiss for seconds and I pull the zip of her gown down, leaving her in only her underwears...
"Tyson wait" she moaned..
"What's it" asked. .
"Tell Queen Mae Ree to End the story " she said