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Y'all I'm having a dilemma.

I need to either find a way to justify keeping 2 full length beautiful formal dresses that I haven't worn in 8 years (I've finally realized that my invitation to the Oscars will probably never arrive, which means my previous reasoning is now completely invalid) OR I need someone to come up with a really awesome or creative way for me to part with them (ie: one of you lucky bitches DID get a red carpet invite, or you have some other formal function ... you would want these things for, or youre super creative and want to do a photoshoot where you wear a prom dress in a swimming pool, or splatter it in paint, or you want to do some overly political performance art piece having something to do with abstract feminism where you burn these dresses in a public place in the hopes of 'starting a discussion'.... Or you want to join me in completing any of these ideas because apparently now that I'm writing this I can come up with a lot of ways to part with a fancy red carpet dress) wedding items to wear for over 50

Throw me some advice here.

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