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I wrote you into my world and here you are ..I painted you upon my canvas...the colors that exist will never come close to the beauty that you are in my eyes ..but I do my best and there you are ...a sight to behold ..I caress the canvas as though it was your face ..touching the lips I have placed in the most beautiful spot in the perfect smile I wish to gaze upon everyday....I look into the eyes I could never quite duplicate ..I did my best look so sw ... eet...... so happy and here I am wishing you were here so I can tell you .....I kiss you on your perfect lips and laugh to myself ....suddenly I feel your hand on mine.....can't be real ....I grab me strong so gently ...tears well into my eyes are here are right here ....I have heard your voice ..the voice I long to hear again and I hear it my ear whisper Kiss me I have longed to hear you say that to me how I have longed to kiss you I have longed to trace the lines on the palm of your hands and press them to my lips I have longed to hold you next to turn your head so slightly and I feel your breathe ..then your lips on mine and I am lost I am consumed ..I am in love ..a love no one can touch ....I am covered in your colors I am alive ..... white color prom selections with lace
Copyright 2014
Written by Suzanne Quzzy

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