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Thanks to all that have ask or write for support my mom is home with me in 444 De Diego she better got an asthma attack pretty bad she hot a very serious sinus infection due to the weather Sahara dust causing bleeding true her nose.

also the swelling foots are pretty much down to 1 her CBC blood work labs came outstanding normal No glucose No urine infection urine count for kidney is good normal No high BLOOD pressure blood count is very good 12.05 oxygen in blood good bilirubin is good white cell count good hepatic count little high due to her condition but stable . yellow cocktail dresses

only need potassium doctor said came put low just eat some peanuts chocolate or yellow banana will do it .

Check.up.with.her primary doctor I.already talk to him.he came right away to emergency bookmarking everything to.let her go.home for now I tough i was going to spend the night but my Lord Jesus Christ is powerful and I am assure of he's huge big love us thank you God for your mercy and love .

Also No water on loans no bronchitis No liquids retain on others parts she's ok forThank you my Lord Jesus Christ.

But what she do have Only a very bad sinus infection causing bleeding true her nose just visit to her neumologits in this coming weak for the asthma and the sinus infection due to the several weather and high contamination on Puerto Rico island due to the Sahara dust .